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Five Runic Symbols on a gate in the Watery Hall

Runic Symbols are Chozo hieroglyphs found in the Chozo Ruins, and are likely part of the Chozo writing system. These symbols occur in identical pairs, one of which is must be located and activated by Samus using her Scan Visor.[1] The other symbol in the pair will adorn a gate in the same room. When a symbol is activated it becomes illuminated, as does its counterpart. The fifth Runic Symbol that appears on the gate in the Watery Hall has no counterpart and can be scanned on its own.

When all the Runic Symbols in a room have been activated, the gate will be unlocked.[2][3]

Runic Symbols must be scanned to progress in the Watery Hall, the Arboretum, and the Sun Tower.



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