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Game(s) Metroid Prime Hunters
Features Ice
Weapons *Affinity Weapon
Powerups Double Damage
Unlocked by Playing two local games

Sanctorus is a room in Metroid Prime Hunters on Arcterra.


The stage consists of a large center room with a small side corridor. One side of the room is covered in ice, but has three pillars coming out of it. These pillars have a Double Damage and a medium energy. There is also a walkway around this enclosure. The other end of the room has an Affinity Weapon in the center, and a medium energy in a side area. A hallway leads from this center room to a jump pad. This pad launches the hunter into an access tunnel that leads to a circular area. The Volt Driver is found right in front of a large hole. This hole can be used both ways. The far end of this circular hallway has a open hole.


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