Sector Zero

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Sector Zero

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Metroid: Other M


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Gravity Suit

Neighboring Areas

Sector 2 (Cryosphere)

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Sector Zero is a secret part of the Bottle Ship that does not appear in any plans. The area is accessed through a part of the Cryosphere. This area is where the Metroids were genetically engineered. Samus goes to find the area after being told about it by MB. She intends to destroy the Metroids that are being created inside, but Adam stops her and uses the self destruct mechanism to destroy the Metroids along with himself. Samus never sees much of Sector Zero, as she only makes it to the entrance before it is destroyed. As Samus leaves the entrance area, the long hallway that leads to the area starts to fall apart, causing Samus's Gravity Feature to automatically activate. Due to its small explorable size, the map for Sector Zero is a part of Sector 2.