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Security Robot B.O.X.

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Security Robot B.O.X.
Security Robot BOX

Samus battling B.O.X. in NOC


Metroid Fusion

  • Fire Bombs
  • Homing Missiles
  • Ramming
Vulnerable Area(s)
  • Weapons' Launcher

Wave Beam

Security Robot B.O.X.[1] is a security robot used by Biologic Space Labs on the B.S.L. research station. After the X spread throughout the station, the B.O.X. unit went rogue.[2] The rogue robot does not recognize Samus as an ally, and attacks her when it encounters her.[3]

Overview[edit | edit source]

The security robot is armed with bombs that will create colludes of fire and is armed with homing missiles. The bombs are not vulnerable to Samus's weaponry, and will detonate if they are released. The homing missiles, however, can be destroyed by Samus's beams or Missiles.

Like Mother Brain or the Aurora Units, B.O.X. is a machine composed of organic components as well as cybernetic ones. Security Robot B.O.X. displays tenacity and intelligence enough to retreat when heavily injured, possibly due to those same components. The organic components of the security robot, however, make the robot susceptible to X infection.

Samus first encounters the robot shortly after downloading the Super Missile data. Though it has not been infected by the X yet, but it will still perceive Samus as an enemy. After it destroyed PYR's Data Room, it attacks Samus. In this encounter, B.O.X. will only use its fire bombs, making the Hi-Jump Boots a very important asset to Samus. It can be defeated by shooting its upper section with Super Missiles or Charged shots. Samus manages to damage the robot, but B.O.X. flees before she can completely destroy it.

Some time later, its organic network was infected by the X, increasing its abilities.[4] This form is colloquially known as "BOX II" and "XBOX".[5] When Samus encounters B.O.X. in Sector 6 (NOC) it will attack solely with homing missiles. Due to damage sustained in its previous battle with Samus, water in the chamber where it is fought becomes electrified by discharges from the robot. After Samus destroys B.O.X., she can absorb its Core-X and gain the Wave Beam. The Wave Beam may be what had granted the security robot multiple missile capabilities.

Sprites[edit | edit source]

Game Uninfected B.O.X.
X infected B.O.X.
Metroid Fusion B.O.X. Sprite.png B.O.X. Sprite 2.png B.O.X. Hard Core-X Sprite.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The multiple missiles Security Robot B.O.X. uses are identical in function to the Seeker Missiles.
  • Besides the various encounters with the SA-X, B.O.X. is the only enemy Samus battles more than once in Metroid Fusion.

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Videos[edit | edit source]

Samus first encounters the rogue robot

Samus finishes B.O.X. off


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