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A Ship Missile Expansion is an expansion for the Ship Missile Launcher in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The expansion increases the maximum number of Ship Missiles that Samus Aran's Gunship can carry by 1.

Locations of Ship Missile Expansions

Location Items needed Notes
Bryyo Thorn Jungle - Auxiliary Dynamo Grapple Lasso Samus must use her Grapple Lasso to pull down a piston blocking a portion of tunnel. After the piston is removed, Samus can enter the tunnel and retrieve her expansion.
Bryyo Ice - Hall of Remembrance After obtaining the Screw Attack, Samus must jump across a large chasm using it to reach the Tower nearby. She must then climb up the Wall Jump Surfaces through the Tower, up to the top. Once she reaches the top, she must shoot a Missile at the hand of a Chozo statue, rotating it. She can then Screw Attack across to it, then Screw Attack to a Bryyonian Golem's head, where the Expansion awaits her.
Bryyo Cliffside - Colossus Vista Before obtaining this Expansion, Samus must venture to the Fuel Gel Pool and use her Ship Grapple to lift a giant Golem head from a pool of Fuel Gel. Samus must then travel to the Hall of the Golems, where she can use her Plasma Beam and Morph Ball Bombs to energize a fully intact giant Golem. The Golem reveals the door to the Colossus Vista. Once Samus enters the Vista, she can command her ship to drop the Golem head it was carrying onto a Golem body there in the room. The Golem activates and destroys a cage, revealing the Expansion.
SkyTown, Elysia - Security Station Plasma Beam Samus must melt a blockage in a Morph Ball tunnel using her Plasma Beam, granting access to the Expansion.
SkyTown, Elysia - Hoverplat Docking Site Samus must use her Screw Attack to reach a platform in the middle of the room. She can then use her Spider Ball to follow a set of winding Spider Ball Tracks, eventually leading to the Expansion.
Pirate Research - Scrapworks Spider Ball Samus must follow a series of Spider Ball Tracks with the Spider Ball leading to the Expansion.
Pirate Research - Processing Access Samus must use her Nova Beam and X-Ray Visor to penetrate several Phazite panels, revealing a series of Wall Jump Surfaces. Samus can use these to reach the Expansion.
G.F.S. Valhalla - MedLab Alpha Samus must access the Xenoresearch Lab and power up a station by using two Energy Cells. This sends the Expansion into MedLab Alpha, where Samus can catch up to it using her Morph Ball.

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