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Sky Temple Key

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A Sky Temple Key
A Sky Temple Key

Sky Temple Keys are required to enter Sky Temple, and there are ten keys in all. The Luminoth sent their greatest warriors to retrieve the keys and invade Sky Temple to finish off the Ing, but most were killed shortly before they could acquire the keys. One warrior had managed to retrieve a key and return it to the Sky Temple Gateway, located in the Dark Temple Grounds. Before she met her doomed fate she left behind clues leading to the locations of the other warriors, which can be found all throughout Light and Dark Aether.

Samus finds two keys in Dark Agon, two in Dark Torvus, two in the Ing Hive, and three on the Sky Temple Grounds. They are stored in Flying Ing Caches, which can only be seen by using the Dark Visor.

Scan data[edit | edit source]

Scan Data from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

One of nine needed to open the Sky Temple[1]

Key Locations[edit | edit source]

Key Area Map
A-Kul's Key* Sky Temple Gateway Sky Temple Grounds
M-Dhe's Key Defiled Shrine Sky Temple Grounds
J-Fme's Key Accursed Lake Sky Temple Grounds
D-Isl's Key Ing Reliquary Sky Temple Grounds
J-Stl's Key Battleground Dark Agon Wastes
B-Stl's Key Dark Oasis Dark Agon Wastes
S-Dly's Key Poisoned Bog Dark Torvus Bog
G-Sch's Key Dungeon Dark Torvus Bog
C-Rch's Key Hive Dynamo Works Ing Hive
S-Jrs's Key Hive Entrance Ing Hive

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References[edit source]

  1. "One of nine needed to open the Sky Temple" —Scan data (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)