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The Slench in Metroid Prime Hunters


Metroid Prime Hunters

  • Green Venom Torpedoes
  • Deutrium Lasers
  • Energy Blasters
  • Ramming

Various Affinity Weapons


Stronghold Voids



The Slench is type of security mechaniod that was designed by the Alimbics to protect important relics. It has the appearance of a giant eye, but is in fact mechanical. It is attached to the wall or ceiling by three tentacle-like synapses, which control the Energy Blasters. While on the wall, the main body of the Slench is surrounded by a forcefield, but the synapses are vulnerable. If each one is damaged enough, the Slench will go to its B form. The Slench will float around the room, firing shots at Samus and ramming her. The more damage the Slench takes, the faster it will move around the room. Different versions are vulnerable to certain weapons. Each Slench guards an Octolith.


Slench 1

The basic version of Slench, no special abilities.

Slench 2

Enhanced version, uses superheated magma as a weapon. This makes it vulnerable to the Judicator.

Slench 3

Even further enhanced, uses high voltage weaponry. This makes it vulnerable to the Battlehammer.

Slench 4

The most powerful version, is attached to the ceiling rather than the wall. It uses supercooled plasma, making it vulnerable to the Magmaul. In its B form, it will roll around in a figure eight pattern. It is invulnerable until it changes to the floating form.



  1. "Another member of the Alimbic defensive arsenal, this enormous cybernetic eyeball was engineered to protect sacred Alimbic relics. The Slench attaches itself to the biodefense chamber with three synapses which transfer power to Energy Blasters. Its primary weapons are the green venom torpedo and the deuterium laser." —Slench 1A (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  2. "When aggravated, the Slench detaches from the wall to commence a hovering attack. analysis indicates its shield is inoperable during levitation." —Slench 1B (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  3. "This revision of Alimbic cyber-defense technology features enhanced capabilities. The Slench attaches itself to the biodefense chamber with three synapses which transfer Superheated Magma to the Energy Blasters. Green venom torpedoes can be neutralized with the Arm Cannon." —Slench 2A (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  4. "When aggravated, the Slench detaches from the wall to fire bursts of Superheated Magma while hovering. Analysis indicates its shield is inoperable during levitation." —Slench 2B (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  5. "This improved model of the Slench utilizes three synapses to transfer High Voltage to the Energy Blasters, whose electromagnetic pulse can disrupt the Combat Visor. The synaptic fibers may be vulnerable to Heavy-Duty weaponry." —Slench 3A (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  6. "Analysis indicates that although the shield is down, the improved exoskeleton on this model may allow it to charge at its prey." —Slench 3B (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  7. "The pinnacle of Slench technology, this model employs three synapses three synapses to transfer Supercooled Plasma to the Energy Blasters. Cryogenic projectiles can temporarily immobilize the Power Suit." —Slench 4A (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  8. "Analysis indicates its shield is down while hovering, but the Slench may be impregnable while rolling. Evasive action is advised." —Slench 4B (Metroid Prime Hunters)