Space Jump

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Space Jump
Space Jump SM.png

Game(s) *Metroid: Zero Mission
Users *Samus Aran
Located in *Kraid (Zero Mission)
Uses Allows an infinite amount of jumps (only one extra jump in Prime games)
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The Space Jump is an ability featured in every 2D game except the first one, allowing to jump continuously in the air. In Metroid: Zero Mission it can only be used after obtaining the Legendary Power Suit. When found, its description simply reads Unknown item, similar to the Plasma Beam and the Gravity Suit. The theory is that these abilities are too old for Samus' regular Power Suit so that they can't be read. The Space Jump is also featured in Metroid: Other M. Samus activated it on her own when chasing The Deleter. The Screw Attack is included with this upgrade. Samus can only use this upgrade to maintain her jump height; it does not allow her to gain any height, unlike previous appearances.

Space Jump Boots

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In the Prime games, the Space Jump appears as both the Space Jump Boots and Screw Attack. The Space Jump Boots upgrade allows Samus to jump a single additional time. This second jump is necessary to reach various areas. The Space Jump Boots upgrade is not obtainable in the third Metroid Prime game, since she already has them equipped throughout the entire game. It also can be argued that the Screw Attack is a variation to the Space Jump since Samus can jump up to seven times, unlike the usual two.


Game Space Jump
Metroid II: Return of Samus Space Jump
Metroid: Zero Mission Space Jump