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A Space Pirate ATC, or Space Pirate Armored Tactical Carrier, is a compact yet powerful spacecraft used by the Space Pirates. They are only present in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and first appeared on Norion fighting Samus and Rundas. The ATCs are spacecrafts meant to quickly transport a group of Space Pirates to a battle zone, and then retreat. Although they have mediocre speed, they are heavily armored. These vehicles are extremely resilient if Samus is not well-armed. These vehicles' only weaknesses are their vents located at their fronts. When these vents are damaged and overheated, they will explode, destroying itself and its passengers.

ATC Offensive

Although ATCs are meant for "hit-and-run" tactics, they have two powerful weapons in their arsenal: the Tribeam cannon and the Space Pirates boarding the craft. The Space Pirates leap from the vehicle to attack enemies while the ATCs send in quick attacks from the Tribeam cannon and escape. If, however, ATCs stay for a battle, their Tribeam cannon and defensive capabilities are not a measly force.

Spire Dock Battle

After Samus Places the Theronian Bomb on SkyTown's Spire Dock, a group of Aerotroopers and ATCs carrying Space Pirates attack her to defend the Leviathan's shield. These ATCs attack two at a time, as Space Pirates rush Samus. While ground Space Pirates attack up close, the ATCs shoot their Tribeam cannons at Samus, making it difficult to take either out quickly. Once they are defeated, Samus can safely manage the single escape pod.



  1. "The Space Pirate Armored Tactical Carrier (ATC) is surprisingly well built and armored. A forward-mounted heat vent is its only vulnerable spot. Tribeam cannons help the unit deal out damage while on missions as well. Designed for rapid transit to and from hot zones, the unit is not designed for long-term engagements. It has relatively small fuel supply, a sacrifice made for heavier armament and armor." — Logbook "Space Pirate ATC" (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

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