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Spider Guardian
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The Spider Guardian


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


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Spider Ball

The Spider Guardian is a boss from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is a Pillbug possessed by the Ing that stole Samus's Spider Ball on Samus's first excursion into Dark Aether. It rides on Spider Ball Tracks in a small area, forcing Samus to battle it entirely in Morph Ball mode. While riding on the tracks, the Spider Guardian emits energy fields of varying intensity. It has a connection to the power system that can be disrupted by stunning it. None of Samus's weapons can damage it, but she can defeat it by forcing it to ram into electrical nodes.[1]


First Part

The battle starts off in a relatively simple section of tunnel. The Spider Guardian rides around on a set of Spider Ball Tracks. Samus must lay a bomb in the Spider Guardian's path to stun it. Its aura will change from blue to red. When Samus lays more bombs and further stuns the Spider Guardian, its aura turns to green and a Bomb Slot gains power. Activating the Bomb Slot moves a portion of platform into the path of the Spider Guardian. The Spider Guardian moves quickly around the track and crashes into an energy cell, suffering damage. Samus follows it into the next portion of track.

Second Part

The next section of tunnel is slightly more complicated. The bottom of the tunnel is a half-pipe. Samus must use her Boost Ball to boost up to the tracks the Spider Guardian is riding on and stun it. After stunning it, Samus accesses the activated Bomb Slot to the left. After activation, the Spider Guardian once again crashes into an energy cell, and moves to another portion of track.

Third Part

The third section of track is very similar to the second. It has the same half-pipe structure as the previous section. After Samus stuns the Spider Guardian, several platforms in the middle of the room come out from the wall, granting Samus access to the Bomb Slot. As she follows the Spider Guardian to the next section, she can destroy several crates to regain precious energy.

Fourth Part

The fourth section of track is very complicated. Samus must stun the Spider Guardian, then bomb the first slot. She then must stun it and bomb two slots, then repeat the stun and bomb three slots in very limited time. This completely overloads the Spider Guardian, destroying it. After the battle, Samus regains her stolen Spider Ball.



  1. 1.0 1.1 "This darkling Pillbug has absorbed the power of the Spider Ball. It can travel over magnetically charged surfaces at will. The creature seems to have a connection to the local energy system. Aggravating it may cause disruptions to the system." — Logbook "Spider Guardian" (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スパイダーガーディアン  Spider Guardian  
Spanish Guardián de la Aracnosfera  Arachnosphere Guardian  
French Gardien Arachnéen  Spidery Guardian  
German Spider Wächter  Spider Guardian  
Italian Guardiano Aracno  Arachno Guardian  

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