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Concept artwork of a Squeept

A Squeept from Metroid

Damages by


Natural Habitat


Located in

Sector 3 (PYR)

Squeept are crustacean-like creatures that tend to live in magma, jumping out to grab its prey. It appears to have some sort of opening in its rear through which it expels something to give it added hight. Squeept are difficult to destroy, but can be easily frozen and used as platforms.

These creatures appear in many Norfair rooms with lava-filled floors. They often appear in the same room as Gamets and Dragons. The rooms they appear in often have pillar-like platforms, Squeept will jump up between those platforms at slow intervals. This forces Samus to either freeze them, destroy them, or jump across while they are not in the air. If Samus comes into contact to one while it is jumping, she will be damaged and fall into the lava. A certain Squeept in Zero Mission can be frozen to obtain a high Missile Expansion.

Squeept were a species studied by Biologic Space Labs researchers and mimicked by the X parasites aboard the Biologic Space Labs Research Station. Squeept were researched in Sector 3 (PYR) by B.S.L researchers.