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Game(s) Metroid Prime Hunters
Weapons *Affinity Weapon
Powerups *Double Damage (two)
Unlocked by Playing eight local games

Subterranean is a room in Metroid Prime Hunters on Arcterra. This room has a Stronghold Portal in it. The Arctic Spawn is also fought here. Samus obtains the Imperialist here.


The stage consists of two main rooms. One room a large mound at one end with pathways looping up to it. The Magmaul can be found hidden behind a small ledge. The Battlehammer can be found in the center of the room. A Double Damage can be found on the ruins of a pillar. There are holes in the ground that lead to the underground caverns. There are also two paths accessible by jump pad that lead to the other room. One of these paths has an Affinity Weapon in it. The underground caverns are divided into two tunnels connected in areas. These tunnels have the Shock Coil in them. The other room has an open lower level, along with a walkway around the upper area. The lower level has the Volt Driver at the far end. A Cloak can be found behind some rubble near the Volt Driver. The upper walkway has the Imperialist on it. An even higher side path can be accessed by jump pad that leads to another Double Damage.


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