Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System
A Super Nintendo

The North American version of the SNES

Release Date(s)

November 21, 1990 (Japan)
August 23, 1991 (North America)
April 11, 1992 (Europe)
July 3, 1992 (Australia)

Units Sold

49,100,000 Units[1]

Best Selling Game

Super Mario World

Metroid Game(s)

Super Metroid

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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also commonly known as the Super Nintendo or SNES, is Nintendo's second home console, its predecessor being the Nintendo Entertainment System. The console reached major success in its years and still remains one of the best-selling systems to date.

The system was a great pastime as well as inspiration to other consoles. The console consists of 16-bit graphics, starting the "birth" of the generation of video games. More graphical enhancements are Mode 7 graphics, as shown in the popular racing game F-Zero, and "polygon" 3-D looking graphics, as shown in the popular shooter Star Fox. In most parts of Asia, the system is known as the Super Famicom.

Popular Titles

Some of the most popular and inspirational titles in gaming have appeared on the SNES. The most popular are:


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