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Super Zebesian

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Super Zebesian

Metroid: Other M

Main Species


Damages by
  • Laser Cannon
  • Slash
Threat Capacity


Located in

Bottle Ship

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Dancing Zoomer is inadequate

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Super Zebesians are Cyborg Zebesians that have been enhanced even further. Their armor is a red color and is significantly stronger. They act similerly to normal Cyborg Zebesians, but they are able to shove Samus off when she attempts a Lethal Strike. Along with their normal arsenal, they are also equipped with a longer beam that has the properties of the Wave Beam. Samus first encounters them when she is trapped in a glass cage as Super Zebesians shoot at her. This forces Adam to authorize the use of the Wave Beam. Super Zebesians are the most powerful Space Pirates encountered on the Bottle Ship.

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