Tallon IV's Scar

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Tallon IV's Scar
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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Tallon IV

Tallon IV's Scar is the name given to the area where, some 50 years ago,[1] a Leviathan impacted Tallon IV. This area, known during the events of Metroid Prime as the Impact Crater, was first called Tallon IV's scar by the Galactic Federation during their scans of the cleansed planet.

Galactic Federation Data indicates that, though the scar, a result of a celestial body impacting the planets surface, is still visible, the rest of the planet has significantly recovered from its corruption by Phazon and is hospitable to a variety of lifeforms. The elimination of the Phazon coupled with the proliferation of natural renewal processes by the environment undoubtedly means that the Impact Crater, too, has been transformed by the ecosystem into a suitable habitat for native species. Tallon IV's scar may, in time, become harder to discern, or even blend into the local geography completely.



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  2. "Tallon IV appears to be a utopia for biological life, containing an oxygen-rich and hospitable atmosphere. The planet is home to countless species of flora and fauna. Satellite scans detect numerous structures on the planet's surface, with closer examination revealing many of these structures to be of Chozo origin. Tallon IV's scar, the result of a celestial body impacting the planet's surface decades ago, is still visible. Satellite scans are unable to determine the extent of the original damage, but the planet appears to have recovered from any negative effects of the object's impact." — Logbook "Planet Tallon IV" (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)