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Dancing Zoomer is inadequate

It has been requested that images, better images, or more images be added to this page or section.

Usage in Articles

This template can be used in two ways: simply by placing {{Image}} at the top of an article or at the beginning of a section which is lacking image(s) (this can be used in articles which have images but are in need of more).

This template will automatically categorize any article in which it is included within Category:Articles with image(s) requested.

Usage in Files

This template can be used in Files to flag it as an inadequate images. Such images are of low quality and should be replaced. Images of low quality that can't be replaced by better ones, such as an old photograph or scans of an old magazine, should not be marked with this template. Files marked with this template are categorized in Category:Inadequate Images. A reason for marking files should be given in the edit summary.