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This is an example userbox.

Usage[edit source]

This template is used to quickly make userboxes. To use it, fill in the following code:

|image       = Image to be displayed (Try to stay within 50x50 pixels. Maximum image width/height:60px)
|text        = Text to be displayed
|font        = Color of the text (Default: D2D2D2)
|border      = Border of the userbox (Default: {{Mw color light}})
|infobg      = Background color of the infobox (Default: {{Mw color dark}})
|imagebg     = Background color of the image (Default: {{Mw color}})
|isTemplate  = The letter under which the userbox should be categorized (also generates "Usage" section)

Blank Code:

|image     = 
|text      = 
|font      = 
|border    = 
|infobg    = 
|imagebg   =

This template originated on Zelda Wiki.