Temple Security Station

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Temple Security Station
Outer Artifact Temple mp1 Screenshot 01.png

An exterior view of the Temple Security Station

Game Metroid Prime

Tallon Overworld

Connected Rooms

The Temple Security Station is a small access tunnel that leads to the Temple Lobby. This tunnel is accessed through the Temple Hall. The entrance to the Temple Lobby is blocked with a Missile Door Lock. The Temple Security Station acts as the gateway between Tallon Overworld and the Artifact Temple, which guards the only entrance to the Impact Crater.

A hologram depicting the Chozo Artifacts rests in the center of the room, along with a an entry of Pirate Data that can be obtained with the Scan Visor.


Available Logbook Entries


Language Name Meaning
Spanish Estación de Seguridad del Templo  Temple Security Station  
French Unité de sécurité du temple  Temple Security Unit  
German Brückenmodul  Bridge Module  

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