Temple of Bryyo

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Temple of Bryyo

Samus meets Rundas at the Temple of Bryyo.

Game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Bryyo Fire

Connected Rooms
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The Temple of Bryyo is a room on the planet Bryyo in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It most likely served as an area of meeting for the ancient Bryyonian race. The temple is the largest room in the Bryyo Fire section of the planet and is home to an abundant supply of Fuel Gel. When Samus first visits the Temple, Space Pirate storage crates are found scattered across the area, suggesting that they used the lake of Fuel Gel under the temple to supply their ships. Ironically, one such ship happened to arrive and released a squad of Space Pirate Infantry and ATCs. Samus is nearly overpowered when an ice flow from Rundas, a Bounty Hunter who undertook the mission along with Samus, freezes the remaining Pirates. Rundas, now corrupted by Phazon, duels Samus and is ultimately defeated by her, then being killed by one of his own ice floes either out of accident or humiliation. His remains appear to be taken by the entity of Dark Samus. After Samus acquires her new Ice Missiles, she heads down an elevator that leads to a reservoir below the Temple, being the entryway to the control station to the Leviathan Shield Generator. She makes another return to the Temple after equipping her Gunship with missiles, and it seems the Space Pirates were well aware of her presence as they installed an anti-aircraft turret into the Temple and radio jammers to prevent Samus from using her Command Visor. Samus destroys the turret, and her attack commences. She successfully destroys one part of Bryyo's Leviathan shield generator. If Samus returns much later after acquiring the Hazard Shield, Nova Beam, and X-Ray Visor, she can unlock a path to a Missile Expansion in the lake of Fuel Gel.


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Creature Number Encountered
Space Pirate ATCs 2  First visit  
Pirate Troopers 2  First visit  
Rundas 1  First visit  
Hoppers 5  Visits after defeating Rundas until the Ship Missiles are acquired  

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