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Thardus awakened by Samus


Metroid Prime

  • Ice Encasement
  • Rock projectiles
  • Rolling
  • Punching

Phendrana Drifts


Quarantine Cave


Spider Ball


Thardus' theme

Thardus is a large, sentient stone creature composed entirely of Phazon Ore.[1] It is a specimen of the Space Pirates' Project Titan, an animation experiment which consists of exposing inanimate objects to Phazon radiation in an attempt to bring them to life.[2] They attempt to tame it and consider placing it on patrol in the Phazon Mines,[3] but due to violent behavior, resulting in massive casualties, Project Titan is suspended indefinitely.[4]

Thardus is eventually immobilized in Phendrana Drifts' Quarantine Cave, and the Space Pirates have plans to relocate it;[5] Samus encounters Thardus before these plans are brought to fruition.


The chaotic nature of Phazon caused weaknesses in Thardus' structural integrity. At first, Samus is unable to target Thardus' weak points due to Phazon radiation given off, but by using her Thermal Visor, she is able to target the high concentrations of radioactivity given off by the Phazon Energy, which binds the stones of its body together, and weaknesses in the casing.[6][7] When the target area has sustained enough damage, weaknesses become visible to her Combat Visor. After Samus destroys the weak points found on various parts of Thardus' body, it is no longer able to hold itself together and collapses.

Thardus attacks by throwing large rocks telekinetically, rolling directly into opponents, and by encasing objects in ice.

Once Thardus is destroyed, Samus obtains the Spider Ball upgrade.




  • If Samus has obtained the Plasma Beam or Power Bombs through Sequence Breaking before she fights Thardus, she may use them to inflict massive damage in a short amount of time.
  • If Samus returns to the exact spot where Thardus was found, an adult Sheegoth (which itself was the main enemy in a boss battle) can be found resting there instead.


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