Theronian Bomb

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Theronian Bomb

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Samus Aran

Located in



Causes a thermonuclear explosion

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A Theronian Bomb is a type of bomb that causes a thermonuclear explosion. Samus creates one with the guidence of Aurora Unit 217 to destroy the shield on the Leviathan on Elysia. The core components of the bomb are a large spike component, with two large rings around it. All of these components had to be gathered with the Ship Grapple Beam. These components were placed in the Spire, and the entire structure became the Theronian Bomb. Samus guarded the Spire until it reached the seed, and then she left using an escape pod. The bomb caused a very large explosion that destroyed the shield. Aurora Unit 217 implied that there have been other Theronian Bombs, as it said a Theronian Bomb could destroy the shield. The specifications of any other Theronian Bombs are unknown.