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The animated Chozo Statue, Torizo


Super Metroid

Threat Capacity


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A Torizo is an animated Chozo Statue that appears in Super Metroid. Samus Aran fights two of them on Zebes; the first appears in Crateria and comes to life after she takes the Morph Ball Bombs. As the battle progresses, it will lose its head.

Golden Version[edit | edit source]

The second, golden version (colloquially referred to as "Golden Chorizo") appears in the lower regions of Norfair, and is more powerful than the first; notably, it has the unique ability to catch Super Missiles and throw them back at Samus.[1] It also has more attacks and a wider variety of powers. It can spew Item Balls from its mouth like the previous one (these can be shot out of the air for health and missiles), which explode upon landing on the ground. It can also fire shockwaves from its arm, which are hard to dodge and do lots of damage. It is faster and more mobile than the first, and it dodges missiles. To defeat it, the Charge Beam is the best way to do it quickly.

Rooms[edit | edit source]

  • The first Torizo is in a one screen size room in Crateria. It is gained entrance to by going through a large room full of small enemies, which can be health farmed.
  • The second is in a three screen wide room in Norfair. After crossing a pit of spikes with the Grapple Beam, you sit on a Chozo Statue in Morph Ball form and it crumbles a wall, making it so you can get to the room. A missile expansion is in a small room that you get into, but the floor drops out and you cannot get it. You drop down to the three screen room, and all the way to the right, the Torizo will drop from the ceiling.