Transfer Lock

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Transfer Lock
Transfer Lock.png

The Transfer Lock

Game(s) Metroid Prime Hunters
Features *Teleporters
  • Low Gravity
Weapons *Battlehammer
Unlocked by Starting Stage

The Transfer Lock is a room in Metroid Prime Hunters in the Celestial Archives.


The stage consists of a large room. One end has a structure accessible from three ends. This structure has the Volt Driver and the Battlehammer around it. Closer to the other end, there is a small area with an Affinity Weapon. Two small areas around the weapon has transporters to the other side. A bridge spans across the stage, with the Imperialist at one end. There are also two other rooms that only appear in Bounty, Capture, and Defender modes. The first room is very narrow with a number of walkways through it. There is a Shock Coil and another Volt Driver inside. When this room is present, the Imperialist is moved into it at the center. This room also has two jump pads that will launch players into the normal room. The final room is a low gravity room. This room has four floating platforms at the far end, along with tunnels into the previous room.


  • This is the only stage that dramatically changes when the mode is changed, even changing the icon. Usually, changing the mode induces only minor changes in a stage.


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