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Unknown Item

Metroid: Zero Mission


Samus Aran

Located in


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This article is about the Unknown Items from Metroid: Zero Mission. For the item that Samus's Power Suit cannot identify from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, see Energy Transfer Module.

The Unknown Items are items in Metroid: Zero Mission that cannot be used by Samus when she first obtains them, and so they are refered to as Unknown Items. Their initial effects are limited, they only allow Samus to destroy blocks with the item's symbol on them, which are rare. However, when Samus completes the Ruins Test and obtains the Legendary Power Suit, the three Unknown Items that Samus has obtained are revealed to be the Plasma Beam, the Gravity Suit, and the Space Jump. Untill the items are usable, they appear on the status screen as unknown text, likely an outdated Chozo language.

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