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This page is a list of projects that have been started/suggested on various talk pages but haven't been fully completed or executed yet. These are added as I notice them, and are a basic list, rather than any personal to-do or anything. This does include projects I was helping with that have been placed on the back burner for whatever reason as well. Alternate name: the list of things we've agreed to do but never really gotten around to finishing completely in a way that any objective outsider would be able to tell whether we had finished it or not. If you have something you've noticed that you think should be added here, feel free to add it.

  • Feature one more article to execute our plan for rotating FAs on the Main Page.
    • Status: Stalled due to lack of participation in the voting process.
  • Agree on a consistent standard for whether to use a the before room names or not.
    • Status: Stalled due to lack of consistency in the games themselves.
  • Add the rest of the necessary sections to Samus' article, as it is a highly significant article in our coverage.
    • Status: Stalled due to lack of activity in the project
  • Add the rest of the Missile Expansions locations to the proper article
    • Status: On hiatus until further notice