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Metroid Wiki News
  • 30th June 2011: With the creation of Metroid in the WarioWare Series‎, Metroid Wiki has now reached 900 articles.
  • 29th June 2011: We have upgraded our MediaWiki software to 1.17. This update comes with multiple new features and improvements such as improved categorization and the addition of thumbnails to Special:ListFiles. An error has occurred in galleries and this will be fixed shortly. If you notice any other errors across Metroid Wiki that may be attributed to the update, please let one of our administrators know.
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  • 7th September 2011: Our 25th anniversary features have been removed from the Main Page, however you can still see them on our Archived features where they will be preserved for future views.
  • 8th August 2011: Be sure to keep checking our anniversary celebration page, it's constantly expanding showing more wonderful Metroid celebrations!
  • 6th August 2011: It is Metroid's anniversary and Samus's birthday! Find out what fans are doing to celebrate!
  • 20th July 2011: Nintendo of Europe has launched an official hub site for info on some available Metroid games. It's not too spectacular, but Metroid is getting some attention nonetheless.
NIWA and Nintendo News
  • 2nd September 2011: The 3DS Ambassador program has revealed that the original NES Metroid will be available for download! Navigate this page to find out what other games will be available.
1st August 2011: Fire Emblem Wiki has updated its skin; it now has a very beautiful website design, check it out! And, of course, contribute if you like Fire Emblem and wikis.
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