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About Me

Hey, so, I'm Phaazonian (phay-ZONE-ee-inn). To be completely honest, I've only played three Metroid games. Although, I seriously want to play more. I loved the three I've played so much, including the so-called "awful" Other M, that I'd love to give the rest of the series a try. I initially made this account because I'm a member of the Zelda Wiki, and when I checked out this website, I was just astonished. I was amazed that a series as awesome as Metroid didn't exactly have a five-star wiki, like the Zelda Wiki! I mean, with all due respect, I'm sure the few active members here work very hard, but you have to admit… grammatical errors galore, inaccuracies, and worst of all, there's an unacceptable amount of needed pages. I'd definitely call myself a Metroid fan, even though I've only played the three games. My real passion, though, is Zelda. I've played nine of those games and they're amazing and I love them to death. I'm a mastermind of Zelda trivia. But, I've joined this here wiki to lend a hand. I won't be able to help out with things I haven't played, because I hate spoilers, but I'll patch up whatever I can!

Metroid Games Played

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Metroid Fusion on 3DS Virtual Console

Metroid: Other M