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It does seem to work, so just placing a first message here. --Malake256 {Talk | Contribs} 20:20, 1 July 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, i guess the red link only showed up in the preview. - ZeldaMan (PostboxStatus) 20:32, 1 July 2010 (UTC)

400th article

It appears that you were not the one who made the 400th Article. Metroidking 22:33, 3 July 2010 (UTC)

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Hey, I was wondering if you could send me some Friend Credits in Prime Trilogy. I was gonna use it to unlock the Snapshot bonus, so I could get some pics for here. :D So, if that would be ok with you, just tell me. :) ***Super!~Nickno 18:27, 15 July 2010 (UTC)

Man, it's been a long time since someone asked me that. I've sent a lot of them to people, but I'll try to salvage up as much as I can. I've obtained and sent at least 20. The Snapshot tool is really fun, I'd like to help with it. Tell me your code and I'll friend you. - ZeldaMan (PostboxStatus) 21:29, 15 July 2010 (UTC)
K, mine is 8185-0288-4550-2318. Now I just need yours, and badabing badaboom. :D ***Super!~Nickno 23:37, 15 July 2010 (UTC)
Badabam. 5660-5565-9048-4018. What I'm doing now is starting a new save file since i recently 100%ed the game, and getting to the Bryyo Leviathan to kill a crapload of Scorchbugs for the enemy meter. I have the guide, so i'll see what i can do then. - ZeldaMan (PostboxStatus) 23:48, 15 July 2010 (UTC)


I'll forget to tell you this later, but you should try adding the scrollbar to the blogg vlogg. Haha why is it a vlogg anywho? there's no video --Malake256 {Talk | Contribs} 02:30, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

Let me handle things my own way gawsh...... ZeldaMan (PostboxStatus) 03:21, 30 July 2010 (UTC)
Haha, sorry, if i offend im sorry [eminem] [<- lol, for a sexond i thought his name was a palindrome] [<-lol i wrote sexond] Haha, okay dude, u dont wna hang w/us on skype? did i scare u off? lol --Malake256 {Talk | Contribs} 05:08, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

Little Help

If you have the time, can you rewrite the Pirate Commander page? Much of it was taken from Wikitroid and I don't think I have enough time right now to fix it. Plus I have no idea what I'd be writing about so it would only be a tiny paragraph. MKMetroid mf Sprite.gif 22:25, 29 October 2010 (UTC)

If you think about it, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a template for that... ZeldaMan (PostboxStatus) 18:38, 30 October 2010 (UTC)


Will you check to make sure that this is correct? I just want to make sure that it's true and I haven't found any images nor had any luck when searching through videos either. Just toss an old pair of batteries into your Wii Remote when you get the chance. MKMetroid mf Sprite.gif 13:42, 26 March 2011 (EDT)

lol... MK, if you weren't sure, why did you patrol the edit? XD Embyr 75  --Talk-- 14:36, 26 March 2011 (EDT)
Yes exactly -_- Yes the lights are there, they turn yellow when just one bar s left. ZeldaMan (PostboxStatus)


We've been trying to get a more uniform naming system for our pretty pictures, what we have now it [subject] [game abbreviation] [image type] [image number], so it'd be say Murdered Tingle ww Screenshot 2.png Admiral Dane mp3 Screenshot 98.png. Also, Malake added a new function to {{source}} that helps with auto categorization. Just check out the usage section for it. MKMetroid mf Sprite.gif 18:53, 16 February 2012 (UTC)

When you say image number, do you mean out of all the MP3 pictures or the screenshots? ZeldaMan (PostboxStatus) 17:56, 16 February 2012 (UTC)
Nope, just out of images in that class, so if there are 97 screenshots of admiral Dane for some reason, put it as 98. MKMetroid mf Sprite.gif 19:00, 16 February 2012 (UTC)
Ah, I see. I'll be sure to do that. ZeldaMan (PostboxStatus) 18:02, 16 February 2012 (UTC)
Thanks man. MKMetroid mf Sprite.gif 19:30, 16 February 2012 (UTC)


Due to 18 months of inactivity, we are removing your admin privileges. If you do return in the future and you still wish to be on the wiki as a staff member, a staff vote can be made to reinstate your privileges. Best of luck with whatever you're working on now and thanks so much for the help you gave the wiki. MKMetroid mf Sprite.gif 17:46, 14 July 2013 (UTC)