Venom Weed

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Venom Weed
Game(s) *Metroid Prime
Planet(s) *Tallon IV
Area(s) *Tallon Overworld
Threat Capacity Toxic
Climate Varied
Means of producing energy Carnivorous
Dancing Zoomer is inadequate

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Venom Weeds are plants that can be found on Tallon IV and Aether. Venom Weeds are almost identical to Tangle Weed, except that Venom Weed will damage larger ensnared creatures, something Tallon IV's Tangle Weeds will not do. Venom Weeds remain extended out into the air, luring and then trapping any organism that steps on it with paralyzing barbs. At the same time, they will deliver a damaging toxin that hurt Samus. If threatened, the weed will retract into the ground, but will rise up again after a short period of time. They cannot be permanently disposed of with conventional weaponry.



Venom Weed's effects on Samus.


  1. "Venom Weed is a poisonous plant that retracts into the ground if threatened. Venom Weeds evolved to thrive in the habitats of large organisms. They lure prey with brightly colored leaves, then attack with tiny barbs that deliver a powerful toxin. Venom Weeds rapidly decompose anything that succumbs in their midst." — Logbook "Venom Weed" (Metroid Prime)

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