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Noxus, a Vhozon

Noxus, a Vhozon


Metroid Prime Hunters

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The Vhozon are a proud and reclusive race that inhabit the outer rim of the galaxy.[2] Little is known about the Vhozon, or their culture, other than what is revealed about them by Noxus, the only individual of the race encountered. Noxus is a Bounty Hunter who seeks only to administer his own ideas of strict justice, and it is assumed that the rest of the Vhozon are similar in their ideologies.

The Vhozon are purple in appearance, with rounded features. They live in a very cold climate and in consequence their skin has extraordinary insulating properties.[3] Furthermore, the Vhozon seem to be able to manipulate ice to an extent, much like the Phrygisians. Other abilities include their capacity to adopt an alternate form as a means of defense called the Vhoscythe.[4]


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