"Vigilance" Class Turret

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"Vigilance" Class Turret
Vigilance Class Turret.jpg

A "Vigilance" Class Turret

Game(s) *Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Used by *Space Pirates
Located in *Agon Wastes

"Vigilance" Class Turrets are manned turrets used by the Space Pirates. They fire a large blast of energy that, like other turrets' attacks, can be avoided by agile targets. The Vigilance Turrets were designed to support the "Humility" Class Turrets in Pirate bases.

Samus encounters two Vigilance Turrets in the Central Mining Station of Agon Wastes while battling a large group of Space Pirates. She can later use the turrets to blast away a weak area in the wall next to a Space Pirate Defense Shield and acquire the Beam Ammo Expansion behind it. There is also a Vigilance Turret that can be used to destroy weak wall casings in the Sanctuary Entrance of Sanctuary Fortress, revealing a Power Bomb Expansion and the Kinetic Orb Cannon used to access it.


"Vigilance" Class Turrets are usable on the multiplayer map Shooting Gallery. They work as they do in the single-player mode, but inflict much more damage, up to seventy-five points per blow.



  1. "The "Vigilance" Class Turret is found in many Space Pirate bases. Built to support the "Humility" Class Turret, it is as accurate as the gunner operating it. Many young Space Pirates begin their careers as sentries: a tour as a Vigilance gunner is considered a mark of distinction." — Logbook ""Vigilance" Class Turret" (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギガタレット  Giga Turret  

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