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Vorash Artwork.jpg

Artwork of the battle with Vorash


Metroid: Other M


Grapple Beam



Vorash is a monster that lurks in lava of Sector 3 in the Bottle Ship. The beast appears several times before its official boss fight, usually attempting to swallow Samus. At one point, the creature swallows a Grapple Point, unwittingly providing Samus a means to kill it. The two finally engage in battle when Vorash launches itself at Samus while the latter is grappling into a lava-filled room. Its primary attack consists of launching itself over the battlefield, similar to the breaching of a whale, causing fireballs to rain down in Samus's immediate vicinity. If Samus is lucky, she can hit Vorash's soft underside while it is doing this. Eventually, it will stick its head out of the lava, at which point Samus must shoot it with a charged Ice Beam. This causes Vorash to roar, revealing the Grapple Point embedded in its throat. Samus must use the Grapple Beam to "fish" Vorash out of the lava, temporarily beaching it. Samus must then use either Missiles or her Ice Beam to damage the monstrosity's weak point. Vorash eventually returns to the lava, and the process repeats. When it takes enough damage, Vorash gains the ability to produce fireballs with only its head above the lava. By the third cycle, it has swallowed the Grapple Point and attacks by charging at Samus. Samus can fire Beam shots into its mouth as it does this, or she can attack its underside when Vorash launches itself above the battlefield. As Samus deals the final blow, Vorash is knocked into the lava. It emerges vertically, roars, then slowly sinks into the lava, never to be seen again. The lava levels in the room decrease considerably, and Samus is then able to continue her mission.


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