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Watery Hall

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The Watery Hall is a large room in the Chozo Ruins. It is accessed from the Watery Hall Access and leads to the Dynamo Access. The entire bottom level of the room is flooded with water that is toxic before the defeat of Flaahgra, with a small path of islands leading across the room. Many of these islands have Reaper Vines reaching over them or Blastcaps on them. One island with Blastcaps has a Runic Symbol underneath them. There are two other Runic Symbols at the beginning and end of the path. There is also an upper path made from suspended platforms. These platforms have many Reaper Vines on them. Near the end of this path, there is the final Runic Symbol which unlocks the gate at the end of the path. withing this gate is an alcove that contains the Charge Beam, a number of Eyons, and a blocked Morph Ball tunnel that can be opened with Morph Ball Bombs. This tunnel leads to the Dynamo Access. Once the water is clean and Samus has the Gravity Suit, she can go underwater to a small hidden area containing a Missile Expansion.

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