Weapons Complex

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Weapons Complex
Weapons Complex.png

The Weapons Complex

Game(s) Metroid Prime Hunters
Features Low gravity
Weapons *Volt Driver (two)
Powerups Cloak (two)
Unlocked by Playing 14 local games

The Weapons Complex is a multiplayer-only room in Metroid Prime Hunters.


The stage consists of a large low gravity room in the center, surrounded by corridors. Two Volt Drivers can be found on the bottom of the main room. The Imperialist can be found on a high platform as well. Two Cloaks can be found on the stage, at opposite ends of the stage. One is in a low gravity room, while the other is in a tube accessed by a jump pad. The Magmaul, Judicator, Shock Coil, and the Battlehammer can be found on the highest level in opposite directions.