New Play Control! Metroid Prime

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New Play Control! Metroid Prime
NPC Metroid Prime Cover.png

New Play Control! Metroid Prime North American Cover Art

Publisher Nintendo
Developer(s) Retro Studios
Platform(s) Wii

North American release N/A
European release N/A
Australian release N/A
Japanese release February 19, 2009

Genre Action Adventure, First-person Shooter
Ratings CERO: A
Modes Single-player
Media Wii Optical Disc
Input Wii Remote + Nunchuk
Strategy Guide and Walkthrough
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New Play Control! Metroid Prime was a rerelease of Metroid Prime, released in Japan February 19, 2009. The game is identical to Metroid Prime with the exception of an upgraded Wii control scheme. It was not released in the US due to the release of Metroid Prime: Trilogy, as both games serve the same purpose.