X-Ray Scope

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X-Ray Scope
X-Ray Scope.jpg

Samus using the X-Ray Scope to reveal Power Bomb Blocks

Game(s) Super Metroid
Users Samus Aran
Located in Brinstar
Uses Allows Samus to see the composition of objects

The X-Ray Scope is an item used by Samus Aran in Super Metroid. Samus obtains it in Brinstar at the end of a large dark room. She requires the Grapple Beam to obtain the X-Ray Scope. When used, it allows Samus to see the composition of objects. This allows her to see hidden passageways and hidden breakable blocks.[1] It has its own item selection block on the top of the screen. As this item only assists in finding hidden things, it is not required to beat the game, but it is quite helpful. Its function seems similar to that of Visors, but it is not referred to as such. It is further similar to the Prime series' X-Ray Visor. Worthy of note is that Samus is rendered immobile while using the X-Ray Scope,[1] an effect not expressed in the use of any other item.



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