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Zombie Researcher
Zombie Researcher

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Metroid Fusion

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Zombie Researchers[1] are the researchers onboard the B.S.L research station that have been infected by the X. They appear only on the Main Deck. Like several other creatures encountered that have combined DNA, they are likely a combination of human DNA and that of a slime creature. Zombie Researchers are weak compared to many other X mimicked creatures that Samus encounters, being defeated by a single shot from the Power Beam. After being destroyed, Zombie Researchers release either a Yellow X or a Green X. The X can indefinitely regenerate them by entering a downed body of a Zombie Researcher.

Adam points out that Zombie Researchers were useful to the X as humans in gaining knowledge and as sustenance, but their combat abilities are remarkably low.[2]

Although X-mimicked humans seem to transform into Zombie Researchers, one dead human mimicked by the Wide Beam-wielding Hard Core-X did not transform into a Zombie at all. Instead, it looked like a normal human before it transformed to its true X form. Adam remarks, however, that this human may have been alive recently, meaning the Zombie Researchers must have been dead a while.[3]



Game Zombie Researcher
Metroid Fusion Zombie Researcher



Samus faces a Zombie Researcher


  • Zombie Researchers are the only enemies appearing in the Fusion manual that were not mimicked versions of enemies that appeared in earlier games.


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