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A Zoomer

Artwork of a Zoomer from Prime

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Morph Ball Bombs

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Zoomers are creatures native to Zebes and Tallon IV. These creatures can be found throughout the Metroid series.

They are small creatures that are relatively insignificant, as they do not willfully attack Samus and simply walk in a set path. Zoomers are related to the slightly larger, red Geemer.



Samus bombing a Zoomer

Zoomers appear in Metroid's Brinstar. Their behavior is similar to many other enemies, such as Moheek or Tsumuri. Zoomers walk forward in a path and will follow that path indefinitely. They are one of the most feeble creatures on Zebes and can be killed with few shots of Samus's Power Beam.

Metroid Prime

A Zoomer in Prime

Tallon IV Zoomers are not very different from Zebesian Zoomers. These Zoomers are pictured as more gray, but their behavior is similar to their predecessors. They pace back and forth or in a circle, clinging to walls or ceilings if they please.

These Zoomers were among the species studied by Space Pirates for use in Phazon experimentation on their research frigate Orpheon.





Game Zoomer
Metroid Zoomer
Super Metroid A purple Zoomer from Super Metroid
Metroid: Zero Mission Red Zoomer


  • In the original Metroid, if a block is destroyed while a Zoomer is on it, it will float and circle rapidly in one area.
  • Yellow Zoomers are the first enemies encountered in Metroid and, in turn, the entire Metroid series.
  • There is a similar enemy in Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion known as the Owtch.
  • The name Zoomer is a mistranslation of ジーマ. After the first game (excluding the Prime series where the name is ズーマー and Zero Mission,) it is translated correctly as Geemer.




Zoomers in action.


  1. "These fierce little creatures spray sticky fluid from their feet so they can move along the floor or up and down walls. There are two kinds: red zoomers and less powerful yellow zoomers." Metroid Instruction Booklet, Pg 28
  2. "The fierce little creatures excrete a sticky liquid from their feet, allowing them to move up, down, and across floors, walls, and ceilings. There are two kinds of Zoomers: red ones and yellow ones. Red ones are much more powerful." Metroid: Zero Mission Instruction Booklet, Pg 32
  3. "Anchors itself to walls and other surfaces.​ Avoid contact with spikes.​ A basic nerve center located directly above the Zoomer'​s mandibles detects nutrients.​ Sharp spines protect it from casual predators,​ but the lack of a reinforced carapace makes the Zoomer vulnerable to any indirect attacks." — Logbook "Zoomer" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジーマ  Geemer  
Japanese ズーマー  Zoomer  

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