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  • 23rd September 2013: Metroid Wiki is now equipped with the MediaWiki 1.21.2 update! This may cause some technical issues around the site, so if you notice any, please report them to the Discussion Center!
  • 2nd September 2013: Be sure to check out our new front-page feature, the Editor Station! This easy-to-use portal has shortcuts to some of the major areas needing contributions around the wiki, and should be a useful tool to Metroid Wiki editors. Happy editing!
26th July 2013: Pikipedia celebrates as Nintendo releases Pikmin 3 in Europe today! Stay tuned for tomorrow's Australian release and August 4th's North American release.
  • 19th July 2013: Metroid Wiki has a new featured article! Head over to the Portal article to read all about these mysterious anomalies of Aether, and visit our Featured Article Nomination page to vote for our next feature!
  • 18th July 2013: Metroid Wiki has a new Skype group available for use for anyone interested in talking about Metroid or games in general with other fans! If you have a Skype account, feel free to join!
  • 17th July 2013: To make properly formatting articles easier than ever, Metroid Wiki is now equipped with a series of Game Link Templates! These simple templates allow users to properly link to different games in the series with far fewer keystrokes. Enjoy!
  • 12th July 2013: Metroid has been released on the Wii U virtual console! This follows the re-release of Super Metroid, which was launched for the Wii U virtual console last May.
  • 11th July 2013: We have reenabled anonymous editing! Users without an account now have basic editing privileges on Metroid Wiki. Happy editing!