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Hello! I am a member of the Federation Force, an elite unit of Marines in Mechs commissioned to combat the Space Pirate army. My Mech is yellow. I have been on many missions before, so if you have a tip on any Space Pirate activity, come to me.

Facts about me[edit | edit source]

Disclaimer: This is just my "Metroid backstory". It helps with immersion and stuff. I have great respect for the famous bounty hunter, Samus Aran. On my missions as part of the Federation Force, I have saved her life and she's saved mine. I look up to her.

The other members of the Force are like family. Blue is one of the best leaders in the Federation, only bested by Adam Malkovich. She has led us on many missions, even once saving the galaxy from the Space Pirate dreadnought, the DOOMSEYE. Red is gruff, but he really does care about us. Or, at least he did. He went down fighting, you see. We were pinned down on a mission to a Space Pirate base. He covered our retreat from the base as he locked down the entire base and lit up the reactor. I miss him. Green is so much fun! He's always ready for action, and has a one-liner for every occasion. He's my best mate.

REAL facts about me[edit | edit source]

Joking aside, I am a huge Metroid fan. Hence why I'm here. I like the "underdog" Metroid games, like Federation Force and Metroid II. My favorite 2D Metroid game has to be Zero Mission. I dabble in a bit of speedrunning. My favorite suit is the Varia Suit. My favorite beam is the Hyper beam. I have no idea on how to sequence break, except for getting the Varia Suit early in both Zero Mission and the OG Metroid.

That's all you need to know about me! See you next mission!