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The following are large, long term projects aimed at eliminating extensive problems on the Wiki. Use this page to track issues and their progress, and to participate in bettering the Wiki in areas with the greatest need. Use this project page's Talk Page to suggest and discuss new projects.

For discussions, visit the Discussion Center. For regular wiki maintenance, see Maintenance.

Metroid Prime Room Articles


Create uniformity and a standard of excellence:

  • Add high quality images (Help:Screenshots)
  • Add and fill Data headers with sources
    • Data headers should be as per Metroid Wiki's Policy
    • All Scan Data available in any given room should be documented (Metroid Prime Text Dump (NTSC Version) may prove useful)
    • If there is no Data for a given room, the headers should still be created with the value None to indicate completeness
  • Expand stubby articles

Affected Pages

This list is incomplete and still being compiled:

Frigate Orpheon


Tallon Overworld
Chozo Ruins
Magmoor Caverns
Phendrana Drifts


Phazon Mines


Impact Crater