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A list of all of the quotes said by the Luminoth sentinels

U-Mos[edit | edit source]

First Visit[edit | edit source]

"Do not be afraid, I am U-Mos, Sentinel of the Luminoth. Please listen, and hear of our world’s peril. Long ago, a cosmic object fell to our planet, Aether, exploding with great force. A rift was torn in time and space, and a strange power flowed over the world. Where once there was once Aether, there were now two. One of light…and one of shadow, each existing in its own dimension. It was the end of peace on Aether, for a new race was born that day on the dark world…one filled with hate and terrible power. They are the Ing. The Ing are creatures of shadow and darkness, knowing nothing of peace or mercy. For decades, we stood against them…yet we now lie on the verge of defeat. When Dark Aether was born, our planetary energy was divided. Half for our world, half for theirs. Should one world gain control of this energy, the other will perish. Before you arrived, the Ing had stolen a device from us…one that collects planetary energy. With it, they have weakened our planet to the verge of collapse. But fortune smiled upon us this day, for the Energy Transfer Module…is now bonded with you. With it, you can help us…help us restore our world. You’re our only hope, Samus. Should we fall, the Ing will look to the stars for new planets to ravage and conquer. Your species could be their next victims. The Ing have taken our energy to three temples on Dark Aether. Find these temples, and transfer the energy from them to our own. I have updated your map system with the location of another temple. There is knowledge there that can help you on your way. I have also updated your Translator Module. You can know access devices and doors coded with Violet holograms. Many lands are now open to you. Prepare well for your journey. The Ing now know you possess the Energy Transfer Module. They will try to recover it at all costs. Return to me once you have restored the energy to a temple. I will aid you as I can. May the Light of Aether shine upon you!"
"The temple in Agon’s dark shadow holds what you seek. Return the missing energy, before Agon is lost forever to the Ing."

Second Visit[edit | edit source]

"I thank you for restoring energy to the Temple of Agon. Your valor honors the Luminoth…those who have passed, and those who remain…here, under my protection as they sleep in a deep stasis. Be on guard, for the Ing do not suffer defeat lightly. They will surely seek revenge for your actions. With the energy lost from the desert region, they will increase their efforts in other lands. I have detected unusual amounts of Ing activity in the Torvus sector. The enemy is on the move. The swamplands of Torvus are treacherous, and can hinder you considerably. Bear this in mind as you move through the bog. Seek the Temple of Torvus. More knowledge awaits you there. May the light of Aether serve you well!"
"The temple of Dark Torvus holds more of our precious energy. Return it to us and restore life and order to the Torvus Bog."

Third Visit[edit | edit source]

"The Temple of Torvus glows with energy once more. Only one temple remains without the Light of Aether. You must travel to our fortress, high in the cliffs. The last temple lies in the fortress. Seek knowledge there before invading the Ing Hive. Be cautious in the fortress. This place was once guarded by machines of our creation, but now they are corrupted slaves of the Ing. They will not see you as a friend. Our goal draws ever closer. Let the Light of Aether be your guide."
"You have weakened the enemy forces in Torvus. The Ing now fear and loathe your name. Do not relent. Press on! Show the darklings in Sanctuary no quarter!"

Final Visit[edit | edit source]

"The Light of Aether shines from all three temples once more. And yet, Dark Aether remains. One Energy Controller still shines in the darkness, sustaining the world. The Sky temple, dark shadow of this hallowed place, holds the final Energy Controller. The greatest and most powerful beast of the Ing keeps guard over what you seek. The nine keys to the Sky Temple have been hidden in each land of the dark world. Fining them will be perilous, but… …I offer you this blessed suit of armor, energized by the Light of Aether itself. Its power will help you reach these final keys. May it serve you well in the darkness!"
"The last stronghold of the Ing remains. Seek its nine keys to gain entry. Once you reach the Sky Temple, let nothing stay your hand!"

I-Sha[edit | edit source]

"Welcome. I am I-Sha, Sentinel of the Agon Temple. This message survives my death, as guidance to one who would fight the Ing. A portal to Dark Aether lies nearby. With it, you can travel to this land’s shadow. You must locate a Dark Temple, a twisted mockery of this sacred place. Inside you will find the Energy Controller you seek. The temple door is held fast by three locks. The keys for the locks are hidden throughout that dark land. Your search will be difficult. Even the very air of Dark Aether is dangerous, and can cripple the strongest of warriors. In our past struggles with the Ing, we placed a series of Light Crystals throughout their world. They remain today. These Crystals create safe areas that will protect you from the harmful atmosphere of the dark world. I have updated your Translator Module. You can access devices and doors coded with Amber holograms. More lands are open to explore. When you have taken the energy from the Dark Temple, return here at once. May the Light of Aether serve you well!"
"Seek the dark shadow of this sacred place soon. Remember: even the air of Dark Aether can kill. Do not hesitate to use the Light Crystals"
"The first of our greatest champion's weapons has been the Ing. Find the Dark Beam. Avenge this blasphemy!"
"The Light Beam is a truly mighty weapon. All of the Ing fear its power. Find this weapon, so its great light may blind and burn our foes once more."
"Mighty armor worn by our last champion is in the clutches of the Ing. It resists the burning air of Dark Aether. Find it and it is yours."

A-Voq[edit | edit source]

"A great warrior comes to the Temple of Torvus. May you succeed where I failed. I am A-Voq, the last Sentinel of this temple. Heed my words carefully. As you can see, this temple has been crippled by the ravages of war. While the main chamber has been mostly preserve, the remainder of the temple has been flooded. You must use your abilities to venture into these flooded areas and find the keys you need to enter the Dark Temple. The waters of Dark Aether are foul and venomous. Avoid them if you can. I have updated your Translator Module. You can access devices and doors coded with Emerald holograms. Search the areas now opened to you. The Ing will seek your light with great zeal. Do not underestimate them! The time for talk is over. Good hunting, and may the Light of Aether guide your aim!"
"Find the keys to the temple of Dark Torvus, Find them and conquer that miserable place! Let there be an end to this struggle.”
"The missile launcher of our last champion was a potent weapon. It had the ability to hit multiple targets at once. Claim this weapon from its sacred vault."
"Our champion used a device that made moving through liquid like moving through air. The Ing have taken it. If you wish to explore Torvus freely, you will take it from them!"
"Our champion wore a visor that pierced the veil of Dark Aether’s eternal night. Take it back from the Ing. Let no darkness slow your mighty hand."

O-Lir[edit | edit source]

"Hear the words of O-Lir, last Sentinel of the Fortress Temple. May they serve you well. This used to be a great fortress, a safe haven for our people during the war. It also holds portals to the Ing Hive, the heart of their dark tribe. During the war, I built a number of mechanical sentinels to join me in battle. They were made to fight the Ing, and fight them they did…for a time. One by one, the Ing corrupted them. Now, they attack with no mercy. Many went to Dark Aether with their Ing masters. Expect them when you are in the Hive. The Ing like to use them as guards. The Ing will protect their home with great ferocity. In all our battles, the Hive has never fallen. I have updated your Translator Module. You can access devices and doors coded with Cobalt holograms. Search the areas now opened to you. If only I could join you…redeem my fallen honor in battle. But, my time has passed. Good luck. Let the Light of Aether show you the way!"
"The machines travel on a network of magnetic rails. They go to places you cannot reach. It’s a pity I didn’t have the time to craft a way for people to use these rails as the machines do."
"The machines have fashioned a new alloy of considerable strength. They use this metal to block access to key areas. Destroy it if you can!"
"The last of our champion’s visors used sound to target the unseen. Recover it from its place of honor and use it wisely!"
"The strongest weapon of our champion is in the hands of the enemy. It fires a blast of light and dark energy, and has no equal. Find it soon!"