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Psycho Bit

Metroid Prime Hunters

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Psycho Bits are robotic enemies found in Metroid Prime: Hunters which attack Samus in swarms by firing their powerful lasers at her. There are multiple versions of them, indicated by version numbers. They often spawn out of large blue devices that either replicate more of them or teleport them from another location. Considering that there are various types of Psycho Bits, they are one the most common enemies in the game.

Logbook Entries


  1. "A levitating spherical sentry droid equipped with 360-degree sensors and a low level teleportation device. The basic silver model fires an energy blast, whereas the advanced green model features a Heavy-Duty gun powered by a nanoscale nuclear reactor." —Logbook entry for Psycho Bit v1.0 (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  2. "A levitating spherical sentry droid equipped with 360-degree sensors and a low-level teleportation device. This model uses High-Voltage electromagnetic pulse to drain energy from its target." —Logbook entry for Psycho Bit v2.0 (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  3. "Similar in design to earlier models, this version fires Superheated Magma at its target." —Logbook entry for Psycho Bit V3.0 (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  4. "Cryogenic nanite technology enables this advanced sentry droid to freeze its prey with Supercooled Plasma." —Logbook entry for Psycho Bit v4.0 (Metroid Prime Hunters)