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This template is being phased out

This template is being phased out in favor of Template:File Info
please refrain from using this while it is replaced.

Image Sourcing
Type: Other
Copyright laws, beware of them.
Copyright laws, beware of them.
This file is a screenshot of, or official artwork for, a copyrighted video game, and the copyright for it is probably held by the company or person that developed the game (most likely Nintendo). It is believed that its use here constitutes fair use, given that:
  • it is used in a non-commercial setting, and therefore is not being used to generate profit in this context
  • its use here does not significantly impede the right of the copyright holder to sell the copyrighted material
  • it is used in a largely unaltered state, where any editing has been done purely for cosmetic purposes
  • the original content of the file has not been modified, and it is not a derivative work
This image was obtained for Metroid Wiki. If this image is artwork, a screenshot, or a scanned image (i.e. a copyrighted image) it can be used freely in a non-commercial setting. Otherwise, fan art or user-created art must have permission from the user that created the artwork for use.


Below is the complete list of parameters. Any unused parameters should not be included.

|editing purpose=
|editing tool=


This template is used to source images to how they were made, obtained, rendered, etc. It has many parameters, all of which are optional. The more information provided, the better.

If the type and game parameters are provided, this template also uses the information to automatically categorize the image. Please provide these whenever possible.

  • Type: ( type = type of image: ss, art, sprite, t, lb, cover, scan, manga, model, mw, wm, web, inventory, trophy, or audio for screenshots, artwork, sprites, transparent images, logbook images, cover art, scanned images, scanned manga images, models, Metroid Wiki images, Wikimedia images, web snapshots, inventory images, trophies, or audio files respectively) Entering any of these options will categorize the image accordingly. If the image falls into none of these categories, however, enter a descriptive alternative (such as "type=Fan art" for fan art), which will categorize the image under Category:Miscellaneous Images.
    • Screenshot: ( screenshot = username ) Same as edited, intended specifically for screenshots.
  • Game: ( game = game ) The game which the image depicts. Unlike most other templates, this section can be left blank. Otherwise, either fill in the full name of the game or use the game's shortcut, and the image will be categorized accordingly.
  • Metroid Prime: Trilogy: ( mpt = yes or simply left blank ) Use "mpt=yes" if the subject image is a screenshot distinct to the Metroid Prime Trilogy or if the particular piece of artwork only appears in Trilogy.
  • Source: ( source = source ) The core physical source from which this comes from, such as "Prima Guide" or "Metroid Fusion Gallery." Prima Guide or Nintendo set off automatic links to the Prima Games and Nintendo websites, respectively.
    • Page: ( page = page number ) The page, if applicable, on which the image appears in the assigned source. Works well for manuals and Prima guides. For manuals, it is best to use the NTSC version of the manual. If none can be found, use PAL.
  • Edited: ( edited = username ) The image editor's username. If the user has no profile, he or she can still be credited by simply writing his or her name here. To link to a profile under another name, write this: [[User: profile username | desired displayname]]
    • Editing Purpose: ( editing purpose = purpose ) Why the image was edited (e.g. Quality, Transparency, Animation).
    • Editing Tool: ( editing tool= program used to edit ) This is used to display what program was used to edit. It is optional. The commands GIMP, Paint, and Photoshop trigger logos with links to their respective websites. However, any other tool can be listed by writing this: [ url name ]
  • Obtained: ( obtained = name of place obtained ) Such as "Nintendo" or "Metroid Database." It should be used for the official name of the place where the website was obtained. Nintendo, YT, MD, MHQ, SS, and MR all trigger images for Nintendo, Youtube, Metroid Database, Metroid Headquarters, Shinesparkers, and Metroid Recon.
    • URL: ( url = url ) The exact url of the precise page from where it was obtained. For example a specific page on a certain website. This is necessary to credit where exactly the image was acquired. Whether or not the image was edited, it should still be credited to the website from which it was obtained. If this website credits another website, use the original one.
  • Notes: Any notes that differentiate this sourcing from another. press can be used to stand for the Nintendo press site. simplify sprite says that sprites were fixed and are not true values. This works best for Return of Samus and Metroid 1 sprites.
  • Copyright: The Copyright portion of the template can be removed by placing "copyright=no" as a parameter. This should be used on any and all non-copyrighted images. Most images used in Metroid Wiki are copyrighted images used under fair use.