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The Nintendo Logo

The Nintendo Logo


September 23, 1889

Metroid Games Developed

Published all Metroid games


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Nintendo is a company based in Japan that produces and manufactures video games. Nintendo has published many games, most notably the Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon series. The company has also published the Metroid series.

Nintendo was created by Fusajirō Yamauchi and the company has existed for more than half a century, however Fusajirō Yamauchi did not created it mainly for games, but for cards, then Fusajirō Yamauchi changed the theme of the company to videogames, what most characterizes nintendo are its consoles, since they are characterized by having unique mechanics at their controls.


Shigeru Miyamoto said that the first Nintendo game was "EVR Race" and also Nintendo is the owner and creator of the most successful and important video game saga in history, Super Mario.


Like super mario, metroid is a saga owned by nintendo although they are only the distributors, The saga was losing strength and it was one of the sagas that no longer had attention although it was also one of the few sagas that were revived by Nintendo thanks to the arrival of Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Prime 4.