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This template is a tool to create navigation templates with a tabbed layout. This condenses the overall size of the navigation template but still offers everything in it.

This makes navigation templates with a lot of content far less intimidating, much easier to navigate, and more aesthetically pleasing.


This is a very complex template and has to be carefully used. It should usually only be used on other templates to create a navigation box.

To use this template, begin with this layout:

|name     =
|header   =
|width    =
|height   =
|default  =
|tab1     =
|content1 =
|tab2     =
|content2 =
|tab3     =
|content3 =
|tab4     =
|content4 =
|tab5     =
|content5 =
|tab6     =
|content6 =
|tab7     =
|content7 =
|tab8     =
|content8 =
|tab9     =
|content9 =
|tab10    =
|tab11    =
|tab12    =

name: A unique ID for the nav template that no other nav template has. It has to be unique and it can't have any special characters like commas, parenthesis, colons, ect. And it can't have any spaces. This is required to make sure it behaves correctly. If two nav templates that use this template are placed on the same page with the same name ID, they will not behave correctly. It also prevents possible bugs with other toggling functions. (Required.)

header: The content you want to display in the header field of the template. If left blank, the tabs will not be in a container. Images may be used here as well. (Optional.)

width: The width of the navigation template. Fits to the contents if left blank. Current usage in navigation templates is usually 565px. (Optional.)

height: The height of the tab contents section. Fits to the contents if left blank. Base this on the largest content tab. Usually 20px per line works best. You may wish to add an addition 20px to account for the bolding that happens when you're on the page for a link, as this might add a new line. (Optional.)

default:The tab to display when the page first loads. Defaults to "1". (Optional.)

tab#: The name of each tab. Try to keep the names short. Long names will look bad. Limit of twelve tabs. You can also use images here. However, if you do, they should be entered with a blank link= parameter, or the linking to nothing option of Template:Image, so the image doesn't link to any page. If you neglect to do this, clicking the tab will take you to the that page instead of loading the tab. (Required.)

content#: The content you want to display for each tab. There is no limit here, but you may want to insert line breaks and adjust the width and height parameters to make the whole template look its best. (Required.)


To see examples of this template in use, see the templates:

Template:Space Pirates-nav, Template:Planet-nav, Template:MP1 Rooms-nav. More examples can be found in the Navigation Templates category.


This template originated from Zelda Wiki.