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2D logo.png This user is one of Metroid Wiki's trusted Administrators.

Current Project(s)

  • (April 2013) My current project is to add the most complete information possible on Metroid Fusion. I'm not sure where this interest in Fusion came from, but I've recently beat it around three times in a row lol, at least I'm doing something productive as well like taking screenshots and recording boss battles. I'd like to take note that even after my third time, I feel like I'm still finding things I didn't notice before. I always hear that about videogames but I had never really felt it until this game.

Though I'm trying to fill in as much information as possible, I know there will be one gaping hole in it all, the maps. A map would be simple enough to make, but we're trying to make consistent maps that would be the same for each game. Also, I'm interested in making an article for each room, even in the 2D games, but this of course will be difficult, and possibly a project for a much later time.

Basic Info:

Because, why not

Welcome to Metroid Wiki, please keep arms and legs inside the cart at all times. Hands to yourself, no biting, but feel free to scream! I am Malake256, I've been an admin at Metroid Wiki almost since it was first here, promoted alongside TheSuperZeldaMan and Metroidking.

Of the admins and users on Metroid Wiki, I am the go-to guy for templates, tables, and any other general coding stuff. No, I'm no coding genius; in fact, I know very little about coding in general, but I have built a knack for wiki coding. I'm also behind things like the main page, color scheme, etc., so questions/comments can be redirected towards me :] (though I wish I knew more about creating skins). Any general, nonspecific questions about the wiki can be directed toward any of the admins, preferably myself, Metroidking, or Embyr 75.


  • TheSuperZeldaMan - Back when MW was young, SZM and I were basically the two people handling it. Those were the times... *reminiscent flashback*
  • Melchizedek - This guy at some point was basically the boss. His mere presence was very fitting.
  • Supernicknobros - The first guy I guided through wiki-ing. Really nice guy, and now admin of Animal Crossing Wiki.
  • Metroidking - Through a complete and total fluke, this guy became an admin at the same time as SZM and I. He was at the right place at the right time, despite not having had been around long. While many would say Metroidking got lucky, I would say it was Metroid Wiki that got lucky.

Will add more... gotta go!

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  • Malake likes to pick favorites:
    • Malake256's favorite number is 256...
    • His favorite creature is the Beetal, which he always spells the archaic Beetal way.
    • Malake's favorite weapon is the Screwu Attack
    • The Phazon Suit is his favorite suit; ironically, the PED is his least favorite.
    • Malake's favorite game is Metroid Prime, he prefers Prime series over the main series.
    • His favorite hunter is Samus Aran, Rundas is his second favorite.
    • Chrome is the best web browser. Use it.
  • He has the most edits made in the wiki. Likely even as you read this, at whatever time...
  • Malake is behind many of the wiki designs, such as the main page, the infoboxes, most navigation templates, the fancy logbook templates, notice templates, etc. Though he can't do it without a push.
    • Malake also sucks at completing projects. If you find something half complete on the wiki, go to Malake's userpage and verbally slap him.
      • These projects include category fixing... notice templates... lore template... main page... nav templates... the help and rule pages... screenshot taking... maps.......... and ohmyjesuschrist image reorganization.........
    • Malake likes article editing, but doesn't do it too often because he favors template editing and fiddling with stuff until it breaks gets fixed.
  • Malake has played every single Metroid game, but (as mentioned) he sucks at following through, he has not completed Hunters, Metroid, Metroid II: Return of Samus, or Metroid Prime Pinball.