Fire Spawn

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Fire Spawn
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The Fire Spawn


Metroid Prime Hunters




Council Chamber



The Fire Spawn is a creature encountered by Samus on Alinos. When Samus enters the lower parts of the Council Chamber, the Fire Spawn rises from the lava and begins to attack Samus. It can only be damaged in what appears to be its mouth. It is most vulnerable to freezing attacks, like the Judicator, but can be damaged by any weapon. Once it is defeated, Samus is rewarded with the Magmaul. The Fire Spawn is very similar to the Arctic Spawn and both are likely of the same species.



  1. "A large creature that thrives on extreme heat, the Fire Spawn breathes superheated lava and never ventures far from its home pit. This creature is particularly unfriendly to carbon-based life-forms, and will hurl fireballs at anything approaching its territory." — Logbook "Fire Spawn" (Metroid Prime Hunters)