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Alinos as it appeared in Metroid Prime Hunters.

Game(s) Metroid Prime Hunters
Solar System Alimbic Cluster
Neighboring Planets Arcterra
Class Wanderer
Dominant Race Alimbic
Current Status Habitable
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Alinos is a planet in the Alimbic Cluster, of the Tetra Galaxy in Metroid Prime Hunters.


Alinos is a planet which is characterized by a rough, rocky surface and a considerable volume of magma flowing underneath the crust.

Alimbic Habitation

The Alimbic people took control of Alinos and took advantage of the magma it contained. Numerous machines which run on thermal energy can be found scattered about the surface.[1]


  1. "This planet's ultra-high temperature once provided power for an Alinos city. In the ruins, visible reminders of the civilization can still be seen." Metroid Prime Hunters Instruction Booklet, Pg 17

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