Blue Barbed War Wasp

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Blue Barbed War Wasp

Metroid Prime Hunters

Main Species War Wasp
Damages by

Endothermic Projectiles[1]

Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat


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The Blue Barbed War Wasp is a variant of the Barbed War Wasp found on Arcterra. The wasp fires a Judicator-like burst, which is an endothermic Projectile.[1]

The Blue Barbed War Wasps appear similar to the Red Barbed War Wasps as they are mutated forms of the Red Barbed War Wasps.[1]

Logbook Entry


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 "A mutated form of the Red Barbed War Wasp. The metabolism of the Blue Barbed War Wasp requires a frozen enviroment to produce endothermic projectiles." — Logbook "Blue Barbed War Wasp" (Metroid Prime Hunters)

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